Training & Behavior

Bite Inhibition for Puppies
Generalizing for Dog Trainers
Is Your Dog a Social Butterfly or a Shrinking Violet?
What is Clicker Training?
Learning Theory
Article 1 – Science
Article 2 – A Common Language for all dog trainers
Article 3 – Nature vs. Nurture & What Is Learning?
Article 4 – Dog Behavior Assessment
Article 5 – The Stages of Learning
Article 6 – Respondent Learning for Dogs
Article 7 – Operant Learning for Dogs
Article 8 – Operant Learning, Cont’d for Dogs
Article 9 – Punishment in Dog Training
Article 10 – Using R+ to Reduce Undesired Dog Behavior
Punishment in Dog Training – Is It Worth It?
Rate of Reinforcement – Crucial for Dog Training

What is Clicker Training?

Short Articles & Newspaper Column Articles

Aggressive Chow
Aging Dogs
Cat Climbing Walls
Cat Marking
Demand Whining in Dogs
Dogs & Cats
Dogs & Kids
Dogs Chasing Cars
Fear Barking
Noise Sensitivity in Dogs
Owner Guarding by Dogs
Preparing Your Dog for a New Baby
Resource Guarding in Dogs
Teach Your Dog to Settle
The Trend of Temperament Testing for Dogs in Shelters
Teach Your Dog Tricks
Turning Over a New Leaf – Exercise Your Dog
Walking on Leash
Why Does My Dog Shake?

Raising Canine has a school for dog trainers which focuses on operant training for dogs, dog behavior, working with clients and addressing client compliance, and the science behind behavior modification.