First Class Education at a Price You Can Afford!

If you purchase all of the Professional Dog Trainer Course modules at once, you’ll save $480.00. Here’s how it breaks down:

How Animals Learn + Phone Call $615.00
Dog Behavior + Phone Call $575.00
The Humans + Phone Call $575.00
Training + Phone Call $615.00
TOTAL $2,380.00

The phone call is free if you purchase the entire course, so the entire Professional Dog Trainer course, including the phone call, is only $1,500.00 – that’s a savings of 37%!*

Click on the module title for an in-depth description:

Logistical Stuff



*Because there is no way to separate the topics on the phone call, if modules are purchased separately, there is no access to the phone call. In the chart above, the value of the phone call estimated at approximately $100.00 per month (2 calls per week).